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A Dichotomous Variable That Indicates Whether The Person Is Bulimic Or Healthy (e.g. Code 0 If Healthy And 1 If Bulimic) B. Use SPSS To Test The B. Use SPSS to test the null hypothesis that the mean daily intake of calories of individuals suffering from bulimia is the same as a healthy population.

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When you open SPSS you are in the SPSS Data Editor window. Now you have the possibility to go to the Data View and Variable View windows. In the Data View window, you can enter data yourself or read in data by using the options in the file menu. In (Figure 1.1) you see an example of a dataset in the Data View window. Each row in the Data View ...

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I am an SPSS novice, and I found this group recently when I was trying to determine how to combine two categorical into one variable in SPSS. I did not find an answer online, but I did eventually figure out how to do it. I decided to post it here to the benefit of others. I had one variable for Sex (1: Male; 2: Female) and one variable for

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A rule of thumb in creating dichotomous variables is that for categorical independent variables with more than two categories (i.e., k), we create k minus 1 dichotomous variables. In this case, G8URBAN has 3 categories, thus, we will create 2 dichotomous variables (3 – 1 = 2).

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If it is really important to combine all the variables into one combined score, you will need to do some kind of re-code. I can think of a few ways to do that that might make sense. One is to compress the Likert questions down to "agree" and "disagree" (the 5-point ones would have to have a neutral value...

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23 hours ago · Training on SPSS Statistical Software in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be highly beneficial for any professional who applies SPSS statistical software in daily work life. It is equally useful for students, graduates and postgraduates who need to process and analyze data for their research and studies through SPSS.

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New variable names and descriptive variable labels are automatically generated for you by SPSS, based on the original variable name and the selected measure(s). The ranking process also produces a summary table listing the original variables, the new variables, and the variable labels. On the road to Ranking Cases. To rank cases in SPSS you choose

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Combining likert scale variables in spss

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Variable V41 is a dichotomous background variable and variable V17 is an item with five answer categories, which is chosen only for illustrative purposes. If the data were complete, we could test significance of these effects by means of, for example, analysis of variance or regression analysis.

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That is not to say that SPSS doesn’t give you other options (see CAPTCA (categorical principal components analysis) - SPSS Categories), but categorical data is a problem for Exploratory PCA and FA. Dichotomous data (e.g. yes/no answers) may also be a problem, you should consider substituting your correlation matrix with a tetrachoric ...

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Dichotomous variable. Don't hesitate to turn to our statisticians. In my SPSS research, I get different kinds of observations. The number of observation is too high to draw a conclusion. In this situation, is it possible to convert those in dichotomous variable?

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